All your real Estate Needs

All your real estate needs, except for property management. That business is the worst, but don’t worry, we got a guy! Oh, and Lending. Unless it involves creative type “subject to” deals or “owner financing” you’ll need a lender. We have a referral for that too. 

Residential listings starting at a $3,000 flat fee. 


Greater Phoenix and Tucson Metro areas.

We have fees ranging from $3,000 flat fees to 6% concierge level service fees. 

 First email or call us, and we will have you consult with our buyers agents or our in house listing agent/appraisers to help you determine your best course of action. 

 We have agent specializing in buyer, sellers, and land for both commercial and residential properties. We can pair you up with an agent that best fits your needs.

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 Reach out and let’s get to know if we are a good fit.